The Tuk Tuks have a great potential to develop a positive buzz around your company because of its unusual and exotic appearance. It is well noticed by people and often makes them smile. Why not take advantage of it to promote your brand or product ?

​Thanks to the advertising wrap, it is possible to customize our Tuk Tuks completely or partially !

Our Tuk Tuks are equipped with illuminated roof panels of 200 cm x 45 cm.


The Tuk Tuks are also equipped with two LED screens of 9 inches and loudspeakers in the passengers' cabin for any audio or video advertising.


We drive around 7 days a week, all year round in the busiest part of the city. Thanks to this atypical vehicle the impact will be immediate!

Deploy your creativity using our Tuk Tuks to promote your brand ! There is something for every budget.

Interested? Contact us to introduce your project!